Working Paper Nr. 2017-05

Offers Beyond the Negotiating Dyad: Including the Excluded in a Network Exchange Experiment

Manuel Schwaninger, Sabine Neuhofer and Bernhard Kittel


Working Paper Nr. 2017-04

Need-based Justice in Social Exchange Networks

Bernhard Kittel, Sabine Neuhofer and Manuel Schwaninger


Working Paper Nr. 2017-03

Need, framing, and time constraints in risky decision making

Adele Diederich and Marc Wyszynski


Working Paper Nr. 2017-02

Knowledge, Power, and Self-interest

Bernhard Kittel, Georg Kanitsar and Stefan Traub


Working Paper Nr. 2017-01

Risk Taking and the Welfare State: Some Experimental Evidence

Stefan Traub and Philipp Krügel


Working Paper Nr. 2016-04

Thinking Fast Increases Framing Effects in Risky Decision-making

Lisa Guo, Jennifer S. Trueblood and Adele Diederich


Working Paper Nr. 2016-03

Entitlements and Loyalty in Groups: An Experimental Study

Fabian Paetzel and Rupert Sausgruber


Working Paper Nr. 2016-02

Information-sensitive Leviathans

Andreas Nicklisch, Kristoffel Grechenig and Christian Thöni


Working Paper Nr. 2016-01

Less sensitive reputation spurs cooperation: An experiment on noisy reputation systems

Matthias Greiff and Fabian Paetzel


Working Paper Nr. 2015-05

The metric and the threshold problem for theories of health justice: A comment on Venkatapuram

Thomas Schramme


Working Paper Nr. 2015-04

Information-sensitive Leviathans – the Emergence of Centralized Punishment

Andreas Nicklisch, Kristoffel Grechenig and Christian Thöni


Working Paper Nr. 2015-03

Setting limits to public health efforts and the healthisation of society

Thomas Schramme


Working Paper Nr. 2015-02

Reciprocity Models Revisited: Intention Factors and Reference Values

Jana Hinz and Andreas Nicklisch


Working Paper Nr. 2015-01

Adversity is a school of wisdom: Experimental evidence on cooperative protection against stochastic losses

Sonja Köke, Andreas Lange and Andreas Nicklisch